Himstedt Masterpiece Manisha 2003


A rare porcelain beauty!

She is limited to 25 dolls worldwide!







Here are some details of her exquisite clothing.


The authentic Indian fabrics are delicate hand embroidered silks with lots of embellishment.







Manisha owns one of the most fabulous and outstanding Himstedt outfits ever.

The details and colors are a feast for the eyes.

Annette Himstedt used antique hand embroidered saris to create her outfit so

each Manisha is truly unique because each one is different in her outfit!!!










Her jewelry is created from antique stones and pearls.

There is a 300 year old glas stone from the Sahara desert

and her necklace is made from jade.






















However there is a tiny blemish on her clothing on one trim at her back. She arrived here already this way so I cannot say how it happened. It is nothing obvious or disturbing (the veil covers it anyway) but I would like to mention it.





Manisha is otherwise in absolutely excellent condition

and had an issued price of 4454€.

I'm asking



plus shipping