When I could bring my beautiful Masterpiece Manisha home in May

I was totally blown away by my first Himstedt porcelain.

She was all that I could ask for and I'm still in awe whenever I look at her.

I never understood

why Annette didn't put her Indian beauties in saris.

Manisha has a very awesome original outfit that was made of the fabric of antique saris

and is in my eyes one of most gorgeous and special Himstedt outfits EVER.

But nevertheless.....I thought that a Maharani has to wear a REAL sari

and when I came across a stunning vintage wedding sari by chance in July

I knew it would be just perfect for her.

It was a very old and precious piece of lovely plum-colored silk

with embellishment and embroidery over and over and I simply couldn't resist!!!!

I know that most of you will maybe cringe over the thought of a porcelain masterpiece redressed.

So to prevent hyperventilation among some purists

I would advice them to leave this thread IMMEDIATELY.

I want to stress once more that I love Manisha's original outfit

but now with this sari she is TRULY MINE!!!

I think the color is just perfect for her

and this sari makes her even more special than she already was....at least for me.

So her she is.....Maharani Manisha, the Indian princess.

Sorry for the picture overload. I couldn't stop myself and was carried away.

I hope you enjoy....